Carpet Flooring

What are the benefits of carpet flooring?

One of the great benefits of carpeting is the large variety of colors, styles, designs, constructions, and textures that provide, literally, something for everyone and every budget. Thanks to modern technology, it just keeps evolving with larger color palettes, digital patterning, and other innovations; you can even find more pet-friendly, eco-friendly, and hypoallergenic versions in our carpet store.

Beautiful and hardworking

While it adds charm to any home, carpets also retain heat and cool air by having a high R-value, the rating system that grades a material's insulation ability. If a room is already warm or cool, a rug will hold onto it, thereby also helping you save on energy costs since it hinders air loss. There's also the psychological factor; in winters, especially, you get that warm, snug, cheerful feeling.

It’s also a floor covering that eliminates any concern you may have if kids or pets like to run around. First, it provides excellent traction, so they're able to slow down when necessary (i.e., turning corners). Second, if they do fall, the soft surface has enough cushioning not to create injury.

Especially if you have shift workers who sleep at odd hours, young children or infants, know that carpet is also an excellent noise insulator. Beeping devices, footsteps, and even muffled conversations, often from the outside, are gone.

Can I have carpet even if I have asthma or allergies?

Carpets trap pollutants and other undesired particles in their fibers, where they will remain until the rug is professionally deep-cleaned. That means the particles don't fly around the air for you to breathe. A dirty carpet also impedes air circulation, resulting in a stuffy, odorous room.

Vacuuming is excellent, and we encourage you to do it several times a week, but it only gets the surface dirt. To remove anything stuck in the fibers, you need to have it professionally cleaned, and you should do it every 12 to 18 months or as stated in your warranty.

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