What does "pile" mean?

The word “pile” in carpeting refers to how the fibers are attached to the backing,  either looped or cut into various lengths. Following is a more specific rundown on the soft surface floor covering piles.

The manufacturing process begins

Every carpet starts as a looped construction. This includes Berber, recognized for its distinctive brown and gray flecks on a neutral background, thick yarns, durability, and a somewhat soft texture. Berbers are stylish enough for any residential room and often used in fashionable offices, such as advertising.

The other style is a level loop with even, uncut loops and a tight overall texture. It is durable and great for high-traffic areas.

When they're cut

The basic cut-pile has short, even fibers with the ends exposed, giving it a "fuzzy" appearance. The Saxony is a cut-pile, but the yarns are longer and densely packed for a plush texture with a soft, velvety feeling. It can also have the fibers slightly twisted and going in all directions. Saxony Plush shows footprints and other marks, so it's best for low-traffic rooms, while Saxony Textured (i.e., Trackless) does not show marks and is suitable for all levels.

You’ll also hear the words “high pile” in the carpet store. This means the yarns are long and loose like the shag; this is best for low-traffic rooms, and it can require more TLC to clean. Frieze is also high pile, but the yarns are shorter than the shag and so tightly twisted they curl, giving it a more casual look. This durable rug is perfect for family rooms.

Low pile rugs have short, tightly woven fibers and are more durable and easier to keep clean. Cut and Loop rugs are as they sound, with the height variation used to create patterns, such as pin-dot and geometrics.

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