Four tips for choosing carpet flooring colors

Four tips for choosing carpet flooring colors

Choosing the perfect floor covering colors is essential to every homeowner. Of course, this helps match existing decor, but there are so many other benefits.

If you're preparing for your remodel, consider the color options that will serve you best. Here are four tips to make that process easier and faster.

1. Consider all the colors that match your decor

It's easier to think of all the colors that will match your decor before you start shopping. This can save time and help you maneuver the extensive choices available.

Each carpeting color offers different variables, patterns, and textures, so there's more to consider. But specific colors will keep you on course for a faster process.

2. Do you want bold or neutral floors?

Both bold and neutral color schemes have their place. Neutral surfaces allow you to play up your decor, while bold options are the centerpiece.

3. Have you considered layering options?

If you've found colors that you can't choose between, you might opt to layer them in specific rooms. For example, select one for the wall-to-wall carpet and another for an area rug or runner floor covering to lay on top.

4. Think about cleaning requirements

As you search for the perfect color, be aware of their cleaning requirements. Lighter colors show debris more than darker colors, but a lot will depend on your traffic levels.

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